Arc Fault Circuits & Breakers

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Common causes of arc faults:
  • worn electrical insulation or damaged wire
  • misapplied or damaged plug in appliance cords and equipment
  • loose electrical connections
  • drill bits, nails, or screws driven into the wire
  • wire staples driven too deep
  • furniture pressing against electrical cords
  • broken wires
  • frayed wires

Arc Fault Circuits

A Hidden Danger

Arc faults are not all that confusing. An arc fault is an unitentional arching condition in a circuit. Arching generates an enormous amount of localized heat. Heat that electrical conductors and electrical devices were never intended to be exposed to. Levels of heat that exceed the combutstion point of most buliding materials. Without Arc Fault protection, this arching can go on undetected for long periods of time, increasing the risk of fire.

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Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)

Arc Fault Cicuit Interrupters can detect when an arching condition occurs and immeciately disconnect power from the circuit to prevent risk. There are actually three distinct kinds of arc faults. Each of these require a different type of detection. The most current devices are Combination Type AFCI, which can detect all three types of faults. According to the 2008 NEC only combination AFCI's are approved, and are required protection on all residential circuits that serve habitable areas.

Call King Electric if you need new circuits added or if you need an existing AFCI replaced. If you have an older home, consider enhancing your level of protection by adding Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters to your system.

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