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Ceiling Fans

Fan Replacements

Many homes have ceiling, or paddle, fans installed already. These fixtures wear out with time, not to mention just plain wind up out of date and looking old.


Some older fan installations will need to have the box and supports reinforced to provide proper support, whereas some will not. Only trained persons can properly evaluate the supports and ensure your safety.

New Installs

New installs basically fit into two different catagories. Prewired boxes, typically in new homes, and either a light replacement or completely new install. For proper fan installation it is critical that it have a sturdy support system. Prewired homes already have adequate supports.

Virtually any time you change a light to a fan, you will need to replace the box and reinforce it for the fan.

Today there is a huge variety of ceiling fans available. Which in turn, results in many different installation methods being employed. Our electricians are specialists when it comes to assemblying and installing ceiling fans, no matter how they go together.

Space Age Fan

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