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Breaker & Fuse Panels

Your panel is the power center of your home. The breakers or fuses in it are the safety switches that protect your home if something is wrong with your electrical system. It is important that these breakers or fuses work properly.

If you have breakers tripping or fuses that are blowing and need to be reset frequently, you may have a faulty breaker or there is an overload on the circuit. Both are dangerous conditions and you need to immediately call our electricians to inspect the cause, and ensure your safety.

Like many in the Indianapolis area, your panel may have some age on it and your power needs have probably increased over the years. If so, you need to upgrade your panel or may need to add a sub-panel.

When you have King Electric upgrade your panel all circuits will be labeled so that you can tell which breaker controls what circuits. We eliminate the guess work.


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