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Although Geist is not a town on its own, we know how strong a community Geist Lake has become. We realize that you as members of the Geist community you have high expectations. Our Geist electricians work hard to fulfill them. The procedures for Geist residents vary depending upon your address. Be sure your electricians follow the rules so that you are protected.

The easiest way to get service is to call 826-KING (826-5464). If you prefer, you can send us a note by email and we will call you. Either way, you will get the service you need.


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Whatever your electrical need, we are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we have an electrician that can solve your problem no matter how big or small.


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Typical Services

Troubleshoot & Repairs
Panels (Fuse & Breaker Boxes)
Meter Bases
Arc Fault Breakers
GFCI Outlets & Breakers
Ceiling Fan Installations
Phone & Cable Jacks
Network Wiring
Surge Protection
Interior Lighting
Landscape Lighting

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arc-fault breakers | ceiling fan installations | circuit breakers | code violation repair | electrical service panel upgrade | general switches & outlets | generators
gfci | knowledge & training | landscape lighting | interior lighting | meter base repair & replacement | telephone, cable, & network | troubleshooting | surge protection

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