Educated Electricians not "Technicians"

How important is electrical education?

Education is of paramount importance. A poorly trained service person is probably more dangerous than someone that knows they are unskilled and understands their own limits. An electrician or "technician" with weak or no education doesn't really understand their own limits, often times attempting repairs that they don't really understand. Weak education and training are one of the biggest reasons that there is such a disparity amongst different electrical contractors.

Finding a contractor with a properly trained and educated staff is no easy feat. Many contractors boast of proprietary training systems that they have developed. This means that they have decided what is important to teach. It means that they very well may have an incomplete training program. It means that they are the only ones that recognize their training. These contractors are easy to spot as they use "technicians" instead of electricians.

Be very wary of improperly trained persons. Mistakes in electrical work have disastrous, if not fatal, consequences. Always be sure that the service persons you choose are NOT "technicians", and choose only electricians that are properly educated and trained.

Training that is Nationally Recognized

With King Electric you can rest easy knowing that we only use the most highly trained and qualified electricians available. All of our electricians are Inside Wiremen, are professionals, and are fully qualified to perform all work that falls under the Inside Wireman Classification.

Our electricians are trained with a proven apprenticeship program, that is registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training with the U.S. Department of Labor. By being registered, the program is also monitored by the government.

What does all these mean to you?

It means that when you call King Electric you get a professional electrician, not a partially trained "technician". And our electricians show up fully prepared for anything your electrical system can throw at them. You can sleep easy at night knowing that your home will not burn down and your family will remain safe.

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