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One Size does NOT Fit All

ElectricianMeteringEach troubleshooting situation is different. Sometimes 'technicians' are trained to do one thing when something happens, even though they do not know why. Without the proper education, you wind up with trial and error checking. This approach is dangerous.

Electricity is an invisible force doesn't lend itself to uneducated troubleshooting. Troubleshooting requires a very high level of electrical knowledge. King Electric electricians have full electrical theory education and extensive on the job training. Our electricians know how and why things work with electricity.

If you are hearing a sizzling sound or a scorching smell you need our qualified electricians. Even if you are missing power to half of your home or several of your rooms, the problem may be big or small. Sometimes a problem that seems big is not, but you should always make sure you get a qualified electrician to evaluate the problem and arrange the repair.

We have the tools and equipment to track down where a problem is.

We know electricity so well we can almost 'see' it! Call us today.


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